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Trauma is a psychological response to a abhorrent events such as an accident, rape or natural disaster. The immediate effects following the event are shock, stress and denial. The effects in Long term reactions include unpredictable emotions, mood swings, memory flashbacks, strained relationships and even physical symptoms like headaches or nausea. Some effect rendering the subject in a situation where they experience difficulty moving on with their lives.

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Psychological Trauma

The psychological effect of the patient in the traumatic conditions is called psychological trauma. Most of the patients do not require treatment for this psychological trauma. Stress management techniques and proper education can help to control the feared situations in the patients. Most people recover by this techniques, whereas some people will develop serious conditions like depression and anxiety disorders.

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Traumatic Grief

Grief is both a general and an individual affair. We all lament, yet our individual encounters of pain differ and regularly are affected by the way of the misfortune. Normally we consider grief joined with the demise of a friend or family member or the loss of close relationship, including the passing of a loved dream or the loss of wellbeing after an injury. On the off chance that the resentment is not tended to, complexities in the lamenting procedure may emerge; there is a hazard that this displeasure will be coordinated towards others through crediting accuse, or turned inwards. The most normally reported practices connected with grief incorporate unsettling influences in rest, changed appetite (either over-eating or under-eating), inattentiveness, social withdrawal.

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Physical Abuse

Physical abuse is the non-accidental curse of physical harm to a youngster. By and large, the abuser is ordinarily a relative or other guardian, and is more prone to be male. In any case, females likewise assume an overwhelming part in the physical abuse, particularly as Munchausen disorder. This is the point at which the guardian (regularly the mother) looks for consideration by making the kid wiped out or even simply seem, by all accounts, to be wiped out (Baker, 1999). Cases have flooded our healing facilities, child care homes, social specialist case loads, and court dockets. Since 1980, reports of youngster misuse have quadrupled.

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Traumatic Shock

Trauma leads to traumatic shock. It is a medical condition where an individual perform an abnormal behavior. It results in dysfunctioning of multiple organs and even to death. Hypovolemic shock results due to loss of blood and neurogenic shock due to destruction of spinal cord integrity are the common types of traumatic shock. Primary treatment for traumatic shock must be supportive which includes psychological trauma therapy.

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Trauma Therapy

Trauma refers to a condition where an individual’s is being physically, emotionally and psychologically distressed. Trauma therapy refers to recover a person from bad condition and bounce back him to normal life with great resiliency. Psychotherapy is one of the effective trauma therapy. Somatic experiencing, Cognitive behavioral therapy are some of the trauma therapies being widely used for psychological trauma.

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